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The Hamptons – an exemplar for future growth

The Hamptons – an exemplar for future growth

Last year, the government announced it was backing the Cambridge to Oxford corridor, also known as the Growth Arc. “The Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor is a national asset that competes on the world stage and fires Britain’s economy,” it said.

It compared the area to Silicon Valley, and argued that the growth corridor nurtures the UK’s most innovative industries. Two of its universities are consistently ranked in the global top four and widely recognised as world leaders in key areas of research and innovation. It competes internationally for high-tech and science investment, and contains nationally-significant industries which can be a springboard for this region to lead the way globally in areas such as medicine, life sciences, autonomous vehicles, biotech and artificial intelligence – with benefits spreading far wider across the UK.

The Government’s strategic vision includes creating improved transport links from East Anglia all the way to the west of England and South Wales, with a new expressway and the East West Rail line. These major transport schemes are also seen as essential to tackling the arc’s housing crisis, unlocking major new development locations and enabling transformational growth around existing towns and cities.

From a purely selfish perspective, the improved transport connections and plans for economic growth are all excellent news for towns like Peterborough, and for the Hamptons. But more importantly, the Hamptons are also being looked at as an exemplar for future new town development.

First started by O&H Properties over 20 years ago, the Hamptons has grown into a series of thriving village communities boasting a rich community life, great facilities and extensive open spaces. It’s among the most environmentally-sustainable areas in the region and enjoys an enviable reputation for safety, good access and the quality of the development.

Designed with more than half the land as open space and parkland, the Hamptons are now recognised nationally and internationally as an exemplar of good place-making, including by the Town and Country Planning Association and Natural England. We have welcomed visitors from Russia, Malaysia and Ireland, and just last month, councillors from other local authorities in the Cambridge Oxford Arc came to see what we have created here – and were very impressed.

O&H Hampton has been the master developer for the Hamptons – it doesn’t build the homes itself, but puts in all the engineered and community infrastructure to enable a high-quality development. It takes a long-term approach to delivering value by building new communities which remain fantastic places to live, long into the future.

And it’s this long-term investment and approach to quality that is needed to achieve the Government’s vision and the realisation of the ambition plans for the Cambridge to Oxford Arc.