the hamptons peterborough The Hamptons, Peterborough

Out and about in the Hamptons

Living and growing with nature is what the Hamptons are all about. Natural England, the top authority on our environment, cites the Hamptons as an example of how to successfully integrate new homes into the landscape, enhancing both. Every year we receive visitors from all over the world, delegations of experts seeking to learn from the Hamptons.

Ecology and biodiversity charities Froglife, the Wildlife Trust and Buglife help design and manage the open space along with many local volunteers.


One thousand acres of green space

Hamptons’ homes are embedded in a network of waterways, woodlands and parkland totalling over a thousand acres. The majority is open to the public, including Crown Lakes Country Park.

Hampton Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), is restricted to conservation volunteers.

Outdoor activities enjoyed by Hampton residents including walking, cycling, geocaching, fishing, boating, watersports and nature watching.

94% of Hampton residents said the parks, lakes and green open spaces were a major feature that attracted them to the villages. (O&H Hampton survey, 2015)

Per household, there is at least 80 sq m of woodland, 180 sq m of lakes and 240 sq m of nature reserves - thought to be the highest amount of green space per resident in any new development in the country.

Keeping you safe

All the lakes and ponds in Hampton have been designed using the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guidelines and have been inspected.

However the lakes are not supervised therefore parents must exercise normal parental control and take responsibility for their children.

There are throw lines attached to the red notice boards at the entrance to most lake areas. These are emergency equipment and should not be played with. If you find one loose on the ground please return it to the nearest red sign where the O&H maintenance team will reinstall it as part of their normal inspection routine.

All the lakes within the Hampton development are managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. 01733 293220


"I absolutely love living so close to all of this. There's so much to see, and it's great for teaching the little ones all about nature without having to go far."
"What do I love the most about the Hamptons? Green spaces, lakes, wildlife and going for lovely walks."