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Nature Reserves in the Hamptons

A Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation, Hampton Nature Reserve boasts one of Europe’s most successful populations of great crested newts. Because of its protected status, access to Hampton Nature Reserve is restricted to people volunteering with the wildlife charity Froglife.

This valuable landscape of more than 300 ponds, is notable not only for its amphibian population but at least 27 butterfly species, 18 species of dragonfly and 120 species of water beetle.

Volunteer working party at the Nature Reserve

A group of local volunteers join Reserve Warden Paul Furnborough to survey the butterfly population. Hampton Nature Reserve is managed by the charity Froglife, who regularly carry out surveys such as this to monitor how the site's abundant wildlife is doing. To protect wildlife, access to the reserve is through volunteering or at special events. Video shot by David Skerry, 2013.

Get Involved

Froglife is looking for people to join the Hampton Nature Volunteers to help with surveying the wildlife as well as habitat management around Hampton Nature Reserve.

Volunteering at Froglife is a great opportunity to relieve some stress with some liked minded people while also doing some good for the nature and wildlife in the Hamptons.

If you’re passionate about being outside whether it be in the countryside, on an allotment or in your garden, then contact the Froglife conservation officer Ross Edgar at; or 07977 250 048

Stillwell's Nature Reserve

A smaller nature reserve is open to the general public at Stillwell’s Lake, located just off the A15, north of the Parkway. You’ll also find access from Drakes Avenue, and a link goes out to the Ortons.

Over a 25 acre site there are multiple walkways and cycle routes, geocaching spots, a central lake (very popular with fishermen) and areas of open space for reptiles and other wildlife.

About Froglife

Froglife is a national wildlife conservation charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats.

It strives to make practical differences with its education and conservation teams working on the ground to restore and create vital amphibian and reptile habitats.

Everyone's making their way to the Hamptons' nature reserve!

Shhh... A secret webcam has captured some of the Hamptons' more adventurous residents as they make their way through a special tunnel in the Hamptons Nature Reserve, built just for Great Crested Newts...