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Sport and leisure in the Hamptons

With open spaces, water and high-quality purpose-built sports and fitness facilities, the Hamptons offers something for everyone.


Hear from Hampton FC coach

One of Hampton FC's coaches explains how he came to be involved with the region's Community Club of the Year, and why there's a whole lot more to this successful club than football, including a strong social focus.

Hampton Football Club

With 22 squads and a haul of trophies and awards, Hampton FC is a great football success story. It's a story built on the commitment of the many volunteer coaches, referees, players, parents and supporters over a decade.


When it comes to walking routes Hamptons residents are spoilt for choice. Top spots include Hargate and Vale Lakes, Crown Lakes Country Park, and Robins Wood featuring a one-mile loop linked with James Pond.

Walk4life has details of almost 60 Peterborough walks, including nine based around the Hamptons

If you prefer company on your walk:

  • Hampton Walking Group meets once a week for an hour-long walk around the Hamptons’ open spaces.
  • Froglife runs a weekly Butterfly Walk between April and September.

Search the community map for details of these and other activities.

Other local walking groups also visit the Hamptons. Find details on the Walking for Health website.

Walking Group

A relaxed and informal group of all ages, meeting at 11am every Tuesday.


The Hamptons is part of the Peterborough Green Wheel cycle network providing safe links to all areas of the city.

The Crown Lakes link is a circular route which loops around Peterborough centre and takes approx 1 hour and 30 mins. Download the map here.



Geocaching is 21st century outdoor treasure hunting, using your phone, tablet or GPS. A bit like Pokemon Go, but you're catching real things not creatures on your smartphone!

You’ll find plenty of caches in and around the Hamptons, as well as linked treasure trails. Most of the Hamptons’ open spaces welcome geocachers who following geocaching etiquette and act responsibly.


You can fish in the main large lakes within Hampton Hargate and Hampton Vale, assuming all fish are returned safely after being caught. If you are over the age of 12 you must have a fishing licence.

No fishing is allowed in the two small ornamental ponds in Hargate - Holly Walk (Hope Pond) and Black Swan Crescent (Angel Pond). Please report any fishing or theft of fish from these two ponds to the police on 101 and the Hampton office 01733 293220.


Leisure centres

Hampton boasts two well-equipped, centrally located fitness facilities:

Hampton Leisure Centre, Clayburn Road. State of the art fitness suite, indoor and outdoor pitches and courts, free parking.

Vivacity Premier Fitness, Hadfield Road. 25m swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, beauty and physiotherapy rooms, dance studio and more than 100 fitness classes a week.

The villages have their own thriving sports facilities and clubs including football, cricket, tennis, netball, martial arts, cycling, model boats, and a skate park. 

The award-winning Hampton Community Sports Association facility includes football pitches, netball and tennis courts, and floodlit Astroturf.