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Here you can find the answers to any of your questions about the Hamptons. If you have any questions that aren't answered on this page then please contact us and we will be sure to add it promptly.

Who's responsible for what?

What is O&H Hampton responsible for in the Hamptons? 

A: O&H Hampton is the land owner, developer and master planner for the Hamptons. We manage Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd which looks after the general landscaping and site maintenance in the Hamptons, and we also manage Value Nature which looks after the Hamptons’ SSSI (site of special scientific interest) nature reserves and country parks.


What is Peterborough City Council responsible for in the Hamptons?

A: Peterborough City Council receives funding through Hamptons’ residents’ council tax payments.  The city council is responsible for roads and pavements once these have been adopted from the initial housebuilder. You can find the list of adopted streets here. The city council also organises collection of household waste and can also now offer a bulky items collection service for unwanted broken household items.


What is the Parish Council responsible for in the Hamptons?

A: The Parish Council receives an allowance through your council tax which pays for certain activities. It is currently responsible for the Hampton Allotments with the Allotment Association, and it is funding the much-valued Dan and John the Lengthsmen who help with keeping the Hamptons tidy. The Parish Council is also the group through which to raise concerns, ideas and suggested community improvements. The Parish Council can then liaise with Peterborough City Council for you. See for further information.


Who are our local MPs?

A: The current MP for North West Cambridgeshire is Shailesh Vara. Click here for up-to-date information on your local councillors.



Who is responsible for cutting the grass in the park areas and grass verges?

A: Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd looks after most of the public open spaces, other than the park area in Hampton Hargate near to Marius Close, which is under the maintenance of Bovis Homes. All responsibility for maintaining verges, pavements and roads falls to the road owner, which in many cases now is Peterborough City Council.


Someone is removing trees from a public area and cutting back foliage and hedges in the park areas – is this allowed?

A: O&H Hampton has a landscaping management plan and a dedicated team in Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd to manage this for the Hamptons. Residents must not cut, or trim, any hedges or trees in any of the public open spaces. We only allow authorised contractors to cut foliage/hedges. Please contact us if you have a concern about any areas. Some areas are specifically managed to benefit wildlife or wildflowers and are managed accordingly.


I’m concerned about a damaged / fallen tree / foliage that needs trimming – who should I report this to?

 A: Please let us know so we can pass this on to the relevant contractors.


I’m concerned about broken / damaged fencing next to the road – who should I speak to?

 A: If it’s a residential fence please discuss this with the homeowner. If it’s a knee rail along a road, this would usually be the responsibility of Peterborough City Council. Knee rails around public open spaces in the Hamptons are our responsibility, so can be reported to us for repair.

I’m concerned about a damaged children’s play area / play park equipment – who should I report this to?

A: O&H Hampton planned, designed and built the areas which are now managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. If you see any damage, please contact us.


I’m concerned about water safety / life buoys / damaged or missing emergency equipment – who should I report this to?

A: If a person is in immediate danger, do not hesitate – call 999. If a safety throw-line is missing please contact us or alert one of our Hampton (Peterborough) Management maintenance teams on site who check these regularly and who will be able to replace or repair them.


I’m concerned about flooding. Who is maintaining the lakes and storm pump stations in the Hamptons? 

A: This is the responsibility of Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. From its earliest designs, the Hamptons have always included a Sustainable Drainage System. This is designed to reduce the rainwater flow into the river to that below farmland levels. This is achieved by the use of the original and man-made lakes to hold the water and then manage its slow release. Originally, the system was designed to cope with a 1 in 100 years storm event. But after the floods of 1998, the system layout was changed to cope with a 1 in 200 years storm event, and also included a factor for climate change.


I'm concerned about street lighting by a road / residential area - who should I speak to about this?

A: Street lighting is the responsibility of the road owner, this could be either Peterborough City Council or the housebuilder depending on whether the road has been adopted by the PCC or not. For a list of adopted streets click here.

The Hamptons Facilities

I’m interested in obtaining permission for fishing on the lakes – who should I speak to?

A: Fishing in the main large lakes within Hampton Hargate and Hampton Vale is allowed only if all fish are returned safely after being caught. No fish are to be removed. Anyone fishing over the age of 12 will, as normal in the UK, require a fishing licence. PLEASE NOTE: No fishing is allowed in the two small ornamental ponds in Hargate - Holly Walk (Hope Pond) and Black Swan Crescent (Angel Pond) - as these have been stocked with goldfish. Please report any fishing or theft of fish in these two ponds to the Police on tel. 101 and to O&H Hampton on tel. 01733 293220.


I’m interested in using the football / cricket pitch for a local group / event – who should I speak to?

A: The Hamptons is lucky to have Active Hampton which runs the majority of sports pitches for local residents.

Hampton Gardens College also has an all-weather pitch which may be available.


I’d love to see a cinema being built in the Hamptons – who should I speak to about this?

A: We’d love to see a cinema too! O&H Hampton did try but sadly it wasn’t to be.  However, British Land, which owns Serpentine Green, has recently applied for planning permission for a few exciting changes… so fingers crossed!


I'm interested in using one of the lakes around the Hamptons for running model boats - is this allowed / who should I speak to?

A: Sunset Lake, opposite The Moorhen Pub, is an ideal design and location for model boat use and is currently used by Peterborough Model Boat Club. For more details contact them here.


Is swimming allowed in the lakes?

A: Open water swimming is a growing trend which we hope may be possible in Teardrop Lake at Hampton Beach in the future. But the lakes in Hampton Vale and Hampton Hargate are definitely not safe for swimming in. The same goes for Crown Lakes and Stillwells where swimming is also strictly prohibited for safety reasons. 

All the new lakes and ponds in the Hamptons have been designed using the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guidelines and have been inspected. However the lakes are not supervised, therefore parents must exercise normal parental control and take responsibility for their children. Do not let them swim or wade into the water.

There are safety throw-lines attached to the red notice boards at the entrance to most lake areas. These are emergency equipment and should not be played with. If you find one loose on the ground please return it to the nearest red sign where our maintenance team will reinstall it as part of their normal inspection routine.


Are water sports allowed on the lakes?

A: Water sports are proving increasingly popular. So, with this in mind, we are hoping to have more water sport opportunities on selected lakes on the new Hamptons East villages. The lakes in Hampton Vale and Hampton Hargate are not suitable for water sports.


Are corporate events / parties allowed at Crown Lakes Country Park?

A: Yes, we have held such events at Crown Lakes Country Park. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Local Community

How can I add information on our local groups / event to the community map?

A: Just get in touch and we’ll sort it for you. Click on the ‘add a pin’ icon on the community map which will generate an email to us with all the details. Or email us with full details of the event/group (remember to include information such as location, date/time, name of event/group, and a contact name and number or website link). The same can be done for Hampton businesses. Just send over information about your business and a pin can be added for you. The more information the better – get adding those pins!


I’m interested in setting up a local community group / charity / event – do I need permission from anyone?

A: We only need to be involved in giving permission for such groups or events if they are taking place on public open spaces in the Hamptons or at one of O&H Hampton’s owned country parks i.e. Stillwells or Crown Lakes Country Park. This is to ensure events are managed correctly and the correct insurances are held if required.


Are we allowed to put up gazebos / marquees on the grassed park areas next to the lakes for picnics or other outdoor parties?

A: The Hamptons is perfect for family and community events which, understandably with our British weather, often require a gazebo/marquee. However, please do contact us before such an occasion out of courtesy and to also ensure others aren’t using the area in mind and any maintenance work isn’t due to take place.


Are we allowed to have BBQs on the grassed park areas?

A: As with the previous answer, please do let us know in advance of any such event.


I’m concerned about litter / graffiti / environmental damage – who should I speak to?

A: Community litter-picker equipment is available via the Parish Council and through O&H Hampton. Graffiti can be reported to Peterborough City Council or, if it’s on play equipment, report it to us.

Are ball games allowed on the grassed park areas?

A: We’re very lucky to have some excellent sport pitches which were included at planning stage exactly for this use. But not all grassed areas are suited for ball games, mainly due to their proximity to roads or houses. The designated sports pitches are much larger and therefore much better suited for sports and ball games for people to enjoy. Find them on the community map.


I would like to plant a tree / put up a plaque / place a bench in memory of a loved one – who should I speak to about this?

A: We are currently looking into the possible establishment of a memorial woodland area by one of the main lakes. As the Hamptons is such a large community it is a frequent request and one that O&H Hampton will try to accommodate wherever possible. At the moment we have a community orchard in Crown Lakes Country Park which, with permission, can accommodate remembrance tree planting. But please contact us to discuss your requirements, and certainly before you buy any trees.


I’m researching the history of the Hamptons – who should I speak to about this?

A: The Hamptons has a fascinating history. Our website has a section which outlines Hamptons history and you will also be able to find a timeline of Hampton aerial images and historic photos.


I’m concerned about anti-social behaviour / suspected criminal activity – who should I speak to about this?

A: For non-emergency situations, call the Police on tel.101. For all emergencies, call 999 straight away.

Other Issues

I’m concerned about the behaviour / noise / site traffic caused by housebuilders / contractors working in the Hamptons – who should I speak to?

A: Please feel free to contact the housebuilder or contractor directly to raise any concerns. 


I’m concerned about an unauthorised traveller encampment / rough sleepers – who should I speak to?

A: If a large traveller encampment is on O&H Hampton land, please let us know – contact us online or tel. 01733 293220. If you have concerns about somebody you believe to be sleeping rough in the Hamptons or Peterborough, there is a dedicated re-homing team at Peterborough City Council.


I’d like to build my own home in the Hamptons – who should I speak to about this?

A: While there have been successful self builds at the Hamptons in the past there are no plans to have any self build plots for sale in the foreseeable future.

I’m concerned about road closures / traffic diversions / highways issues – who should I speak to?

A: Peterborough City Council’s Highways Department will have the most up to date information on any traffic diversions/road closures. Call them on tel. 01733 747474.


Who is the right person to speak to regarding gaining access to undeveloped land?

A: No member of the public is allowed access to undeveloped land for health and safety reasons. Access is only given to O&H Hampton’s contractors and staff after a health and safety induction.


I’m interested in the new homes being built at the Hamptons – where can I find further information?

A: You can find this information under the new homes section on our website where you will find the latest information on confirmed house builders.


I'm concerned about congestion and street parking potentially causing issues for emergency access - who should I speak to about this?

A: The majority of roads have been adopted by Peterborough City Council so please either raise concerns to the council directly or via the Hampton Parish Council. To find the list of adopted streets look here.

Nature / Wildlife

I’d like to gain access to the nature reserves on the Hamptons – who should I speak to about this?

A: The main reserve is Hampton Nature Reserve which is managed by local charity Froglife which is always happy to speak to you about volunteer opportunities. Otherwise, access is strictly limited as our nature reserve is a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and is a legally protected site for the Hamptons’ thriving population of Great Crested Newts and other wildlife inhabitants.

I’m concerned about risks of injury to wildlife / injured animal or bird – who should I speak to?

A: The RSPCA has a trained team which specialises in dealing with injured wildlife or wildlife at risk or in distress. Tel. 0300 1234 5555.