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Hamptons East

A beautiful landscape, unrivalled opportunities for leisure and play, and a home for life: these goals are at the heart of our vision for the Hamptons’ next chapter. That vision has already taken shape as people have moved into new homes in Hampton Gardens, the first of four new villages to the east of the A15.  

Hampton Beach, Hampton Gardens, Hampton Woods and Hampton Water will each have their own distinctive character, features and appeal.

At the same time, each will be an integral part of an overall design that wraps country park around and through the development – as we’ve already done so successfully in Hampton Hargate and Hampton Vale.

To the south of the villages, we think there will also be a few small clusters of larger properties within individual hamlets.


Four new village communities

We plan to make the most of the area’s existing lakes, woodlands and open spaces – which are already notable sites for wildlife and leisure.

Through enhancing these natural features our four villages will offer new and existing Hamptons’ residents:

  • A host of new leisure opportunities such as wakeboarding, sailing, swimming, walking and bird watching
  • All the advantages of village life - personality, a vibrant community, accessible, high quality services, safety and a real sense of belonging – within reach of Peterborough’s lively city centre
  • The flexibility to meet different needs at every stage of life, from single professionals, through growing families to active older years.

Each of these new villages will also be a part of the wider communities at Hampton Hargate and Hampton Vale.

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This illustrative master plan of the Hamptons East site gives an indication of where each of the new villages will be located.

Hampton Gardens is the first to be developed, south of Teardrop Lake.

Hampton Beach is the village to the north and east of Teardrop Lake.

Hampton Water lies between Beeby's east and west lakes.

Hampton Woods (as yet  undefined on this master plan) is in the south east section of the site.

Click here to download a PDF of the master plan.


Hampton Gardens

This is a charming garden village between the Stanground Lode green corridor and picturesque Teardrop Lake, offering a nurturing environment for growing families.

Our plans include a community orchard, defining the Hampton Gardens lifestyle, and adding colour to every season of the year.

The focus is on modern family housing with a traditional feel, set around the new primary and secondary schools and thriving neighbourhood centre with its village square.

Hampton Water

We want wildlife and water to define this village, which will offer a mix of housing, with some homes already completed, to suit a diverse community situated between the Stanground Lode watercourse and Hampton Lakes.

Residents can enjoy panoramic views across the lakes, wetlands and Hampton Country Park, and a variety of waterside experiences including wakeboarding and natural wetland habitats.

Interconnecting lakes, ponds and channels will extend into the living space providing scope for features including rain gardens and water-themed play areas.

The village has its own cricket pitch and will soon have its own brand-new primary school and a neighbourhood centre.

Hampton Beach

Our vision: a vibrant urban waterfront village located on the eastern shore of lively Teardrop Lake.

New stylish homes are being built, suitable for younger buyers through to families looking for an active lifestyle. 

With its lakeside boardwalk, sandy beach, watersports and great places to eat, drink and chill, Teardrop Lake will be a hub of activity drawing in people from all over the Hamptons and beyond.

Whether it’s swimming, sailing, windsurfing, sunbathing or socialising al fresco – it’s all going to be happening in Hampton Beach.

Hampton Woods

Greenery and space are planned as the hallmarks of this cluster of low-density dwellings set in a beautiful wooded landscape to the south east of Hampton Water.

Homes will be set among groves of woodland trees, punctuated with wildflower meadow clearings.

Our vision is of weathered timber buildings, meandering woodland drives and natural play areas featuring willow sculptures and hazel dens, reinforce the harmony between built environment and nature.

A unique environment where individualists – from families to active retirees – can be themselves, at one with nature.