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Hampton Heights

Set on a dramatic promontory, Hampton Heights will provide 350 contemporary homes with strong links to Haddon Lake and the Peterborough Green Wheel strategic leisure and cycle route around the city.

The homes are likely to be built in two or three phases, and O&H Hampton is currently in discussions with utility companies and with Natural England as the site is right next door to a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Hampton Heights will feature significant areas of public open space right at its centre, marking the historic location of four chimneys from the old Ortons Brickworks where a million bricks a week used to be made.

The brickwork furnaces were lit there in 1954 and burned continuously until the turn of the century. Indeed, the ground there is still warm - it has acted as a huge night storage heater! So the site will be laid out as a sunken garden to accommodate Sustainable Urban Drainage.

Back in 2000, the four chimneys from old Orton Brickworks were demolished to pave the way for Hampton Vale and soon to be Hampton Heights. The chimneys had become somewhat iconic in the area with a longstanding history, residents would look at them as the foundations of their community.

George Allum, a former brick worker like his father before him, had the honors of pushing the button. Although he'd spent much of his time there he was happy that the land would be put to good use by creating new homes and providing jobs for young families.

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