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Did you know that...

  • The Hamptons covers more than 2,500 acres, and at least half of that land is green space
  • There are approximately 5,200 homes built to date by more than 30 housebuilders and housing associations - and plans to build up to another 8,500 new homes over the next few years
  • Housing values have “outperformed the local market over the last decade, achieving an annual average premium in the region of 34%” (CBRE / RICS research 2015)
“It’s the perfect place to raise our family. I love my house, schools are excellent and the amenities just fantastic with everything you need right on your doorstep.”

The Hamptons, Peterborough - an international environmental exemplar

  • More than 1,000 acres of open space, lakes and woodland areas in the Hamptons provide a habitat for a huge range of birds, reptiles, insects and rare plants.
  • Per household, there is at least 80 sq m of woodland, 180 sq m of lakes and 240 sq m of nature reserves - thought to be the highest amount of green space per resident in any new development in the country.
  • The Hamptons boasts at least 27 butterfly species, 18 species of dragonfly and 120 species of water beetle.
  • There are strong connections between the community and the nature reserve - weekly butterfly walks during the spring and summer, school visits and opportunities for environmental volunteers.
  • Europe's largest colony of great crested newts lives in the Hamptons - approx 34,000 protected within a 300-acre nature reserve designated as a Special Area of Conservation and Speciial Site of Scientific Interest.


What residents say about the Hamptons

  • According to a recent survey of residents by O& H Hampton, the top five factors that influenced residents' decisions to live the the Hamptons were the parks, lakes and green open spaces (94%), excellent location (88%), the overall style of development (88%), great facilities (87%) and fast rail and road links (50%).
  • Over 60% of respondents said they would consider moving within the Hamptons when looking for their next home.
  • Another 20% are undecided – they say it depends on the types, prices and suitability of properties available, their location within the Hamptons and factors like parking provision and wider roads.
  • The Hamptons is hugely popular with families – estate agents report that once one family member has moved to the Hamptons, often relatives and friends follow.
“We have seen Hampton grow since moving in in 2012 and can only say we love it more each year. If we were to move anywhere else, it would be to Hamptons East as we have seen the proposals and suggestions for development and they look very exciting.”
“Hampton is like living in a park. Plenty of space to breathe. Space for children to play. Places for community to gather... I’ve never lived in such a friendly place with a real community spirit.”
“There is so much here for us: the schools, the shops, post office, pub, the bus route and the lakes and parks and green spaces. You have the best of city living – close enough to the city centre and station to use everything – and at the same time to be in a community that feels villagey.”

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