the hamptons peterborough The Hamptons, Peterborough

O&H Hampton

O&H Hampton is the management company developing the Hamptons. We're responsible for the overall master planning of the 2,500 acres that make up the Hampton’s distinct village communities.

We’ve also constructed the majority of the main infrastructure, including two hugely successful primary schools and a £25m state-of-the-art secondary school.

A key element of our work on the Hamptons has been our commitment, from the start, to protecting and enhancing the area’s unique ecology.

Our parent company, O&H Properties, is a family-owned business which has developed a strong reputation for the quality of its investment portfolio, industry expertise, and commitment to long-term relationships and sustainable development.

O&H Properties' land holdings exceed 12,000 acres throughout England, mostly within Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our team of specialist planners and infrastructure engineers oversee the strategic promotion and management of these land holdings.

We take a long-term approach to our landholdings and seek to optimise their value through achieving sustainable planning solutions. The scale of our planning projects ranges from an infill site of 8 homes through to a new communities of 8,000 homes and everything in between. We adopt a collaborative approach to development and build strong relationships with local stakeholders and the statutory authorities and agencies.

On our larger sites, like the Hamptons, we adopt a ‘master developer’ role. This means we take responsibility for delivering the engineered and community infrastructure to enable serviced sites to be offered to the market. The benefit of this approach is that we can ensure the quality of the development and that sites are built out comprehensively. We take time to ensure that there is a site-wide Design Guide in place that has been endorsed by local people and local authorities as well as reflecting the demands of the market.

"The master-developer role is vital in helping to shape and influence the direction of a new community over an extended period. It includes providing accountability and also requires foresight and tenacity in implementing a single, purposeful vision."

Report on the Hamptons in 'Built Today, Treasured Tomorrow', a good practice guide from the Town and Country Planning Association